is to be your go-to brand to keep you looking your best blonde. Say goodbye to dull hair days and hello to beautiful blonde!

AT PRO:VOKE, we understand that blonde hair requires more maintenance than any other colour. Shades change from one season to the next, and your perfect platinum tone can be overcome by dull and brassy notes. You can end up with a green, ashy tone from too much time in the pool. Locks that should be golden too often become anything but.

PRO:VOKE ARE EXPERTS when it comes to blondes, and dealing with the specific haircare problems they face. Our products are easy to use, and provide results from the first wash, so you can wave goodbye to your nightmare hair!

OUR PRODUCTS are expertly formulated by salon specialists to ensure that every blonde problem can be overcome and the time between expensive salon visits can be extended.


Our products are currently available at select retailers in Australia

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